Leonard H. Bucklin
These deposition legal forms, deposition question outlines, litigation forms and checklists for lawyers and legal assistants are built on my years of a varied litigation practice and trial experience in several states. I’m glad to present this material to you — just as I have done for years with the attorneys in my firms’ offices — advice on handling depositions, all packaged in a compact and easily used format.

Our forms are more than pattern deposition questions. We think of the specific psychologically best order and phrasing of the questions, and outline the questions in that order. We give you advice when advice is needed for the best result with the form. More than that, we have the office preparation advice and forms that a good mentor would give you.

A deposition is important, and you want to be Intellectually penetrating and astute in that phase of the litigation. Our entire legal forms organization is built to give you the best advice, forms, and checklists, as though you had a senior litigator sitting in your office and giving you the benefit of years of experience.

All the best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin

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