Plaintiff Attorney Direct Examination (Deposition or Trial) of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor


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“Give your witnesses take home instructions that they can review several times — and Make Your Witness Better Prepared — Guaranteed.”

This is a great Witness Instruction Handout. You’ll give this skill builder to your client and witnesses to improve their ability to testify effectively.

All trial attorneys I know say a witness instruction handout is a necessity. You cannot expect a client or witness to remember an hour of tips given to them by you in the office unless they have something to review several times at home.

This Witness Instruction Handout, called “Pointers for Witnesses”, is a teaching tool containing 5 pages for the witness, plus another 4 pages for you on how to use the handout. It is the best one I’ve seen — a real value for what and how it tells your client or witness to testify effectively.

For example, I’ve never seen any other witness handout that uses a tip given to national television speakers on how to sit. Witness Instruction Handout tells your witness the “Power Position” way to sit that instantly gives them relaxation while conveying a positive message of power and confidence. And that is just in the opening few paragraphs of this teaching tool.

Improve the Manner of a Client’s Testimony — “Pointers for Witnesses”

Most witnesses have never testified in a deposition or in a trial. When they get to the deposition or trial, they mumble, hesitate, and drop the ball. They are fearful of what every moment will bring. At a trial, they exhibit the signs of fear that the jury thinks are signs of weakness of memory, or worse, of lying. At a deposition they exhibit the signs of fear that the adverse attorney exploits to downgrade the settlement value of the case. Why are most witnesses like that? The attorney has not prepared the witness.

You do not want to be one of those lawyers! You know that you have to spend time with the witness in your office. You also know that you need a Witness Instruction Handout. Our Handout “Pointers for Witnesses” does five important things for you.

  • Witness Instruction Handout gives you a format for your first office talk to witnesses about the techniques of testifying.
  • Witness Instruction Handout can be taken home and reviewed by the witness every day before the deposition or trial.
  • Witness Instruction Handout is a great teaching tool that drives home what the witness must do to avoid the traps of the adversary lawyer.
  • Witness Instruction Handout is a great teaching tool that drives home how the witness can be an effective witness conveying facts to the jury, in language that makes the witness want to do these things for you.
  • Witness Instruction Handout is in language that you want the jury to see if the witness says he got materials from you.

When you see the witness for a second pre-deposition or pre-trial conference just before he/she testifies, your witness will have had the benefit of thinking about how he/she avoids problems and testifies best to help you. Witness Instruction Handout gives take home instructions and training in the Manner of Testimony, to eliminate hesitations, mumbling, and falling into the traps of adverse counsel. Witness Instruction Handout gives your witness training that he/she needs.

We show you the way to making witnesses at ease on the witness stand.

This is the handout you will give all your witnesses. This is not only an instruction on how to testify; it contains language that keeps the adverse side from mentioning it during a cross exam at trial.

Either you will be delighted at the amount of help you get from Witness Instruction Handout, or you get you money back. It’s that easy. No red tape. No questions. We give you our 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

Witness Instruction Handout is furnished to you, in PDF format, right to your computer, immediately. If you have a personal injury client coming into your office today to get ready for a deposition next week, buy Witness Instruction Handout and start getting ready three minutes from now.

IMPORTANT: Let me recap…

  • Witness Instruction Handout takes none of your time to draft and prepare.
  • Witness Instruction Handout is an easy to use tool for you to teach in the office, and for your witness to learn at home.
  • Witness Instruction Handout is what you need to prepare your witness for deposition or trial.
  • Witness Instruction Handout can be used by plaintiff or defense attorneys, or by legal assistants, in any size firm, in any type of case.
  • Witness Instruction Handout is a very low investment with a high value return.

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Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth because if you are not delighted, you’re completely protected by my “100%, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

All the best
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney

P.S. If Witness Instruction Handout saves you just one case from collapsing – ever – it will have paid for itself many times over. Attorneys who are using my system right now are saving themselves “should have” thoughts every month. You’ll get instant access to Witness Instruction Handout and get started just minutes from right now!


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