Plaintiff Attorney Direct Examination (Deposition or Trial) of Plaintiff's Treating Doctor



Schedule depositions for firm dates. Don't let the other side keep postponing it for a couple of months.

In 15 years of using my scheduling form and procedure, I never have seen an adverse attorney with enough courage to make a motion to the court to prevent a deposition going forward after it was scheduled by me — if I used this simple form and procedure.

Most attorneys waste personal time or staff time scheduling depositions with opposing counsel. Until the usual telephone tag is completed, the attorney has to keep his calendar open for the days “our side” has told “their side” from which to chose an open date.

Then often what happens is that after everything seems agreed, a date has been set, your notice of deposition has gone out, and you have arranged your next month’s schedule accordingly, opposing counsel calls back to say they have an impossible conflict, and the whole cycle repeats. I have found that a simple form and procedure cuts down the time waste, and lets you go forward with a firm deposition date.

I have the form and a page of on how to use it. It has been given to my firm’s lawyers and legal assistants over the years. It’s worked for all of us.

But — LawyerDepositionForms has a problem. Any deposition form they sell has to have broad sales appeal to litigation lawyers. This particular form has to be seen and used to be appreciated. It’s hard to understand why it should work so well. So, in short, this particular form probably will not sell well on the internet. The advice and form do not have “sales appeal”.

So I have decided to give it away. That’s right. No cost for this particular advice and short form in PDF format (bundled as DepoForm DEP002). No catches. Giving this away is a way to make life a little easier for trial attorneys.

Thank you for being one of our customers.
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney


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