Attorney Fee Awards


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A question outline for the direct examination, at deposition or trial, of your own expert witness on a reasonable attorney fee award amount. Eight pages of suggested questions, plus three pages of tips on presenting your own expert.

Seeking, or defending, an award of attorney's fees requires a different set of expert witness questions than you normally use for the liability part of the case. These extended checklists show you what to ask your attorney fee expert witness — and on what to cross-examine the adverse expert during deposition and trial.

Use these deposition and trial question outline forms to efficiently and quickly set up your questions to prove your side's version of the correct award for a “reasonable attorney fee.”

Attorney fees can no longer be an afterthought in your litigation work

You are probably here because, as this 21st century starts, attorney fees having an important financial effect in many cases. This is a fact of the business world today, a fact of which your clients are aware. The importance of attorney fees in modern litigation is increasing not only because of the large size of attorney fees in dispute, but also because the categories of litigation where attorney’s fees are recoverable are increasing. Attorney fee awards are more available than they were a generation (20 years) ago.

Indeed the difference between the last quarter of the 20th century and the first quarter of the 21st century is striking. Commentators have suggested that an argument can be made that recent decisions awarding attorney fees as substantive damages portend the end of the traditional American rule that the parties to a lawsuit must bear their own attorney’s fees. Whether you are on the claimant or defense side, you must be ready to effectively present expert testimony on the amount of an attorneys fees award. This form does that.

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