Motor Vehicle Accident Suite of Seven Forms



MVA (motor vehicle accident) legal forms, checklists, and tips for investigation, deposition, litigation, and trials.

If you are a lawyer or legal assistant with an MVA case, you will benefit by having several of our MVA forms available for your use. We have grouped here forms for the subject of MVA – Motor Vehicle Accident Liability.

These forms will give you the benefits of:

  • proven forms and checklists,
  • organization in your depositions and trials,
  • time saving, cost cutting, methods,
  • checklists to prevent omissions, and
  • new ideas to improve your success ratio.

Due to a request by an alert legal assistant who convinced us to sell her a package of several forms, we decided to offer others this special value package.

The price of all seven Motor Vehicle Accident forms, purchased separately would be in the $150 range. The bulk package of seven forms, Zipped into a one-time download you can get today, is only $108.50.

Essentially you are getting seven forms for the price of four. PLUS — you get our 100% money back “Best Guarantee in the Law Forms Business”. You can’t go wrong on buying the MVA Suite Seven.

  • # 1. Motor Vehicle Accident – Driver Deposition Checklist

    For both plaintiff and defense attorneys, and also their legal assistants, in motor vehicle accident cases. This is the basic, must-have, form in any car or truck negligence case- a checklist of the questions to ask in a deposition of the adverse driver, or at trial.

    This is our most popular form. It can be ordered in multiple license copies. Acclaimed as unique and loaded with the best way to examine a driver in a motor vehicle accident case, whether it is auto, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian-car case.

    Because it is useful in examining the adverse driver, it will also be a handy checklist to use in preparing your own client or witness to testify. (After all, if these are things a good lawyer will ask the adverse driver, shouldn’t your client be prepared to deal with these questions?

  • # 2. Motor Vehicle Police Officer Checklist: Interview – Deposition – Trial Testimony

    In every bodily injury or death that involves an auto, truck, motorcycle, or highway pedestrian accident there is a police officer involved. Our deposition checklist is also an interview checklist — and it is also a trial testimony checklist.

  • # 3. Request to Bring Items to the MVA Driver or Witness Deposition

    Whether you represent plaintiff or defendant, when you take the deposition of the adverse driver, or of a passenger, you should consider including a demand that certain items be brought to the motor vehicle accident deposition by the adverse party. Make this little form a standard routine. It’s an example of why we say that our forms are like having a mentor in a box.

  • # 4. Request of Admissions, Plaintiff’s, Rear-End MVA

    This is specialized for only plaintiffs in rear-end motor vehicle cases. It is a suggested demand for admissions that puts the pressure on the defense. Good ideas for an inexpensive price. Before you take the depo of the adverse driver, if you represent an occupant of a car that was rear-ended, you probably want our MVA007 Plaintiff’s Request for Admissions, Rear-End MVA

  • # 5. Checklist – Truck Driver Deposition to Show Company Control of Driver

    This checklist is designed for the depositions of either a truck driver or the defendant company’s executive, when the deposition is to establish the Company was in control of the Driver at the time of the MVA. An adjunct to the above Driver Deposition Checklist. Used by plaintiff’s attorney for questioning. Used by defendant’s attorney in preparing the defense witness for a deposition or cross-examination. When a truck is involved, use CDFMVA310405- Truck Driver Deposition to Show Company Control of Driver.

  • # 6. Notice of Taking Deposition of Organization Regarding Control of Driver and Independent Negligence of Organization in MVA

    This laundry list form has the specifications you need to give notice of the deposition of an organization regarding its driver, and gather all the relevant documents during that deposition. If you get the checklist for the deposition of the truck driver, you probably also want this notice of deposition.

  • # 7. Photo Assignment Checklist

    This is the form to give your investigator or client in every motor vehicle accident case in your office. The approximate 24 photos you need in every MVA case.

The forms in the above MVA suite are needed by any attorney handling auto and truck accidents, whether on the plaintiff or defendant side of the table.


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