Notice for Deposition of an Organization


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Corporation on the other side of the case? Don't be content to take the deposition of the executive who is most capable of defeating your questioning.

Defeat the adversary corporation by serving a Notice of Taking the Deposition of the Organization.

Our Notice of Deposition of Organization is a Notice form, plus legal tips, you need!

We offer you the most complete and powerful form notice for taking the deposition of an organization, plus proven best tips and tactics.

Power Notice of Deposition of Organization gives you:

  • A better, more powerful, Rule 30(b)(6) notice. Federal R.Civ.Proc., Rule 30 (and the similar state rules) give you a powerful discovery tool for taking a deposition of a corporation, partnership, or other organization. But you need to send a special notice to take full advantage of Rule 30. (You can’t simply use your usual form for the deposition of an individual person.) Now, with Power Notice of Deposition of Organization, you can take that full advantage.
  • A solid, detailed (7 pages) legal form from which to work. The multiple features of this Power Notice are designed to not only produce more information for you at the deposition. You will find the form to be a useful checklist of items which either can be used “as is” or can act as quick framework language for drafting case-specific requests.

Power Notice of Deposition of Organization is named that because it builds you a notice with more features, giving you legal and psychological advantages.

This form includes a summary law report of law theory and practical tactics advice on taking the deposition of an organization. Includes:

  • The obligations of a corporation receiving a notice of taking the deposition of a corporation – how the courts rule.
  • The invalidity of defense objections of lack of personal knowledge of witness they provided in response to the notice.
  • Testimony of the organization’s designated witness is the testimony of the organization itself.
  • The responding attorney’s best defensive response to a notice of taking the deposition of his/her client organization.
  • Why you can, and how you should, receive efficiently the explanation and foundation for documents.
  • The three components of a good notice for deposition of an organization

Fulbright’s Litigation Trends Survey: Corporations as parties to litigation will rise. The Fulbright firms respected annual survey of corporations shows corporations expect an increase in contract and tort litigation next year. Read more at the Fulbright discussion. That’s not surprising because in tough economic times, businesses both sue other businesses and their insurers more, and also are more aggressive in prosecuting their own tort claims.

Are you ready to handle discovery of adverse corporations better than ever? Plaintiff or defense counsel, both represent organizations – corporations, partnerships, non-profits, associations. Both sides of the counsel table need to understand and be able to efficiently use the power features of Federal Rule 30(b)(6) “Notice or Subpoena Directed to an Organization.”

Whatever your corporate client’s size, or your corporate adversary’s size, you need to understand Rule 30(b)(6) and what’s in it for you.

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Power Notice — “Don’t reinvent the wheel – save time – use a form!”


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