Protocol Checklist for Adversary Computer Search



“A checklist for determining who does what and when (the protocol) for a search, by your expert of the adverse party's computer, will save you time and disputes.”

If either before or after the deposition of an adversary, there is going to be an on-site inspection of the adversary’s computers or data, you should meet with the adverse counsel and the adversary’s technical person to arrange the details of the inspection protocol. The discussion should settle the details listed in the our e-search of computers protocol checklist to prevent nasty and time-consuming arguments when your inspecting party arrives at the adversary’s premises. Use the protocol checklist and save yourself time and needless arguments. This $10 item is a needed item anytime you are going to have an on-site inspection of the adversary’s office or computers.

Searching the computers and electronic storage devices of the adversary, on his/her premises, can be a drawn-out process if the day starts with protracted wrangling about such things as protection of computers or inadvertent looking at company trade secrets. That is why you need to use a checklist and make some basic agreements with your adversary before you go to his/her premises.

At $10, you cannot afford not to buy this protocol checklist. You cannot dictate this much in $10 of your time! But the real worth is in the frustration it saves you.


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