Request by Hiring Attorney re: Retained Expert's Report


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“Our form letter ‘To Our Expert Regarding the Report’ will give you a jump start on getting the expert report you need — Guaranteed.”

This form tells your expert the eight items his/her report must contain. (I’ll bet that even you forget that under the federal rules and many state rules, if an expert wants to use an exhibit during his/her trial testimony, that exhibit must be disclosed in the expert’s report.)

This little item will pay for itself just in dictation time saved alone!

More than that, it will save you from an expert report that does not meet the court standards for what you must disclose in that report.

Nowadays, you must disclose your expert’s report early in the cross-disclosures required by court rules. Because there are court rule requirements for what that expert’s report must contain, you must tell your expert to follow those requirements. If you don’t tell the expert before you get a report, you might have to ask for a “rewrite” of the report. That does help you with a jury at trial, which may equate your “rewrite” request with improper influence! Even worse, if you do not recognize the defects in the report submitted, you may find your expert’s testimony ruled inadmissible!

Put our ExpertEase™ Form #EX0706 Request to Our Expert re Report in your trial notebook. Then, when you retain an expert, send them a letter, using Form #EX0706 as a template for your letter. (The form is also your checklist and a quick statement of the law for your refreshment.)

Save yourself time. Use Form #EX0706 Request to Our Expert re Report.

Because of our 100%, money back, no questions, guarantee, you cannot lose!

Forms not only are a timesaver, they are a mentor in a box — guiding you and preventing mistakes. Buy this form now for only $9.


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