Request for Admissions, Medical Expenses


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Use our legal form before incurring the expense of medical depositions to prove up damage specials.

What is our form Plaintiff's Request for Admissions Re Medical Expenses?

It is the form that will cut out defense games with your proof of medical expenses, save you money and time, and establish you as an experienced attorney who is not going to take their nonsense.

As soon as the defense gives you a general denial answer, including a denial of your pleading of medical expenses, do two things:

  • 1. Immediately send the defense a nice letter enclosing a medical authorization from your client for them to inspect medical records. (They are going to get it sooner or later, and you may as well give it to them right away, so that step 2 below is justified.)
  • 2. Sixty days after you sent out the nice letter with the medical authorization, send out our Request for Admissions Re Medical Expenses.

You will notice that our Request for Admissions re Medical Expense gives the defense attorney notice of the consequences of denial in a way that gets him/her thinking seriously about the game of denying everything you pleaded. If the defense denies your request, the way we have framed it, it becomes a defense personal attack on the medical ethics of the medical providers. If the defense attorney does deny the requests, you can tell the treating doctors that the nasty guy on the other side is questioning their medical ethics and apparently alleging medical over-treatment. Suddenly the doctor is extremely cooperative about appearing at trial to say how badly your client was hurt, and why his patient (your client) had to endure both the injuries and also the expense of treatment.

Requests for Admissions can be powerful. Save preparation time, and still be better prepared. Our Request for Admissions Re Medical Expense is designed by a top trial attorney to get you what you want.

Dear Fellow Attorney,

While practicing for the last 35 years, in a successful five state litigation practice, I developed and refined a comprehensive set of litigation forms. They saved me lots of time, and made me more effective for my clients.

A well thought out form gives results in the litigation! That is the benefit of using a DepoForm™ copyrighted form. You get results!

Most attorneys have no real system of developed forms. They waste time, and they get into holes at trial.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

Just think. For a few dollars you get a great idea and format, a well drafted request for the items you need, and a form you can use over and over, case after case. This is certainly a good investment.

You can own Request for Admissions Re Medical Expense for the price of only $17.

Here’s more great news. Upon ordering, you’ll get instant access to your Request for Admissions Re Medical Expense. You can get started in just minutes! We deliver it to you right now, in PDF format for you to open and copy and use on your computer immediately!

If Request for Admissions Re Medical Expense saves you just one hour of time – ever – it will have paid for itself. Attorneys who are using my system right now are saving valuable hours every year.

All the best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney


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