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In every slip and fall case you have to inspect the premises. In every fire case you have to inspect the premises. In fact, in every negligence liability case of any kind you have to inspect the premises.

Whether you are the plaintiff for the defendant attorney you have the same needs. You need photos of the place. You need to see the place yourself. Your expert has to inspect the place. Your client needs to refresh his/her memory, with you there to hear and see what the client says about the premises and if the other side has changed the premises.

If those premises are in the control of the adverse party in the lawsuit, you have to serve a Request for Inspection of Premises on the adverse attorney. It just makes good business sense for you to have a well drafted legal form ready to use.

And that legal form should be so well drafted that it serves as a checklist to remind you – what you need to do and what you need to demand in your Request to Inspect that real property (and other items on the premises that could be involved in your questioning of witnesses).

What if I could hand you that form, right now!

And what if that form was so inexpensive that if it saved you one-half hour of time —- ever —- it would have paid for itself.

Three big points…

  • The Request to Inspect Premises saves you time. Pull the form up on your computer. Insert the case name and make any changes needed for your case Five minutes and you are done. Time saved, for you to make money with your saved time!
  • The Request to Inspect Premises will give you the confidence of knowing that an expert trial attorney has mentored you on items to include. You get additional power added to your work. items.
  • The Request to Inspect Premises is a very low investment with a high value return.

You can own Request to Inspect Premises for the price of only $26. This is a bulletproof, inclusive, “they can’t evade this”, demand.

Leonard H. Bucklin
Dear Fellow Attorney,

While practicing for the last 35 years, in a successful five state litigation practice, I developed and refined a comprehensive set of litigation forms. They saved me lots of time, and made me more effective for my clients.

Good litigation forms make you more effective in the handling of litigation. You get results in the litigation! That is the benefit of using a LawyerTrialForms™ copyrighted form. You get results!

Most attorneys have no real system of developed forms. They waste time, and they miss issues and questions they should ask.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

My Request to Inspect Premises is a mentor in a box, coaching you on the points you should consider. So many attorneys get to the gates of the adverse party’s premises and wind up negotiating to see or do things the other side says were not in the inspection request. Make it an absolute right by including the items in your inspection request.

Act like a professional and gain the respect of the other side. You’ll see the results of respect when you get to a settlement conference.

Just think. For a few dollars you get a senior trial attorney as a mentor, a well drafted request for the items you need, and a form you can use over and over, case after case. This is certainly a good investment.

Here’s more great news. Upon ordering, you’ll get instant access to your Request to Inspect Premises. You can get started in just minutes! We deliver Request to Inspect Premises to you right now, in PDF format for you to open and copy and use on your computer immediately!

You have nothing to lose.

If Request to Inspect Premises saves you just one half-hour of time – ever – it will have paid for itself. Attorneys who are using my system right now are saving valuable hours every year.

Click on the “Add to cart” button to own Request to Inspect Premises right now for the price of only $26.

All The Best,
Leonard H. Bucklin
Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney


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