For organizing your case for battle, a tested litigation / trial notebook system, including forms, is available in two formats: For your own peace of mind you should use a litigation/trial notebook system for organizing any case in litigation.

When you get to a deposition or to the courthouse, everything will be in order so that you will maintain an appearance of purpose and drive.

The object of this litigation / trial notebook system is: both (1) deposition and also (2) trial success through a SYSTEM OF ORGANIZATION. Take a tip from the best trial lawyers — use a trial notebook.

This Trial Notebook System Will Cut Your Final Trial Prep Time By As Much As 40% or more.

This system is such a great aid to any litigation lawyer (and to the legal assistants who can ease and quicken the work flow) that there is now two versions available for you to get “the system”, a copyrighted trial notebook system by Leonard Bucklin. This is a system for both depositions and trial — indeed the system to organize your entire case, from the time the client comes in the door, through the depositions and discovery, through the settlement negotiations and trial, until the litigation is completed and the client has told you how great you were!

Use the “best practices” of winning trial attorneys — a proven trial notebook system, right now. Choose between the two versions described below.

Litigation Ready™ Trial Notebook System
Choice # 1. An immediately downloadable and inexpensive electronic e-book. Click this link to learn more about the brief, to the point and immediately downloadable e-book version, LitigationReady!™, to give you a trial notebook now, not tomorrow. Find out more about what this system can do for you. Consider your small investment a little “emotional insurance policy”. When you walk into trial feeling prepared, the other side will notice. An old mentor of mine once said, “The trial game is 75% perception”. It’s still true today.

This version is available to our customers, from this supplier, for the price of only $70.

To learn more about this inexpensive and immediately downloadable e-book trial notebook system, please visit the Litigation Ready Website

Building Trial Notebooks™
Choice # 2. Over 800 pages of proven advice, tips, tactics, and forms, shipped to you with a trial notebook set to go.. Some attorneys want to be shipped a larger, more inclusive, hard copy “regular book” with additional text and forms, in loose-leaf format supplemented each year, and with one empty trial notebook with index tabs already inserted to use. This hard copy set, for building trial notebooks for all your cases through the years, is updated and supplemented annually. We do not sell it directly, it is only available through the James Publishing company.

If you want the two loose-leaf volume hard copy version, called Building Trial Notebooks™, order from the James Publishing web site.